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Curtain Side Trailers

Curtain Side TrailerA unique specialized 53 foot Utility trailer that offers the best of both worlds, pull the soft side curtain back or forward and load from either side or bump the dock and load or unload from the rear. While maintaining complete protection from weather with their hard top ceiling and durable soft sides, it is easy to see why the soft side flatbeds and step deck Utility trailers have become a big hit to our valuable customers.

Flat Bed Trailers

Dynamic Transit has chosen the Utility flatbed for its low tare weight and high strength for heavy duty hauling with outrigger attachments and durable suspension design. From building materials to machinery this hard working trailer will get the job done.

Drop Deck Trailers

Dynamic Transit uses Utility drop deck trailer for its lightweight, specific design for hauling heavy or awkward loads. This steel enforced trailer offers outrigger attachments, steel enforced corners, a durable suspension, and Logistic rails for top deck overhang. The Utility drop deck trailers are just another great addition to our trailer fleet.


 “Number one in my book” –Ray Sims, Two Million Miler

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