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Temperature Sensitive Transportation

Dynamic Transit understands that food and other types of perishable shipments can become worthless and/or hazardous if they are not kept at their required temperature and delivered on time. We work closely with our drivers to ensure that all Dynamic Transit reefer trucks and trailers are properly maintained and exceed safety requirements before they hit the road. Our on-time delivery of temperature controlled cargo is unmatched in our industry, and we strive for customer satisfaction with every shipment. When it comes to product, equipment, and our drivers, Dynamic Transit puts safety first.

Most of the temperature sensitive materials that Dynamic Transit trucks transport falls into three categories: food grade, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Food Grade
Dynamic Transit’s safe, cost effective temperature sensitive transportation services are supported by the latest in information technology:

  • McLeod LoadMaster – 10.2 Dispatch System
  • Rand McNally TND 760 Fleet Edition – Mobile Fleet Management System
  • And we are fully EDI compliant

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Companies that move or store chemical and pharmaceutical products must meet stringent regulations and quality controls and maintain specific conditions for each product. Many chemicals and drugs are highly sensitive to temperature; some are extremely valuable; and all are subject to a complex array of government regulations. Dynamic Transit vehicles are well equipped to handle all of the regulations and controls placed upon chemical and pharmaceutical products and their transportation across the United States.

Quality Assurance

At Dynamic Transit we transport thousands of temperature-controlled shipments each year with our company-owned fleet. We also apply redundant measures to ensure that your product remains at the appropriate temperature. Our professional drivers constantly monitor the temperature of each shipment en route.

All of our temperature sensitive transportation trailers are also equipped with satellite technology that effectively monitors trailer temperature at all times. Should the temperature fluctuate outside of the prescribed range, an automatic alert is sent directly to our 24-7 operations center. Our enhanced tracking service also provides you an electronic record of shipment temperature history in 15 minute intervals, giving your Quality Assurance staff peace of mind.


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